Irrespective of the scenario – whether earthquake, flood, storms or even missing infrastructures, the first thing needed on site is:


clean drinking water

problem & solution

the problem

Until now solutions were mainly based on reverse osmosis installations whereby units with an output range of between 750 and 900 litres per hour easily fill a 20’ container. In addition to the complex transport logistics further problem areas are high energy requirements and high maintenance costs.

the solution

M.W.P. has originally been developed to be used in disaster areas in order to generate drinking water from bacteriologically polluted water for the local population without any great effort.


This on the basis of precipitation and filtering – in comparison with a reverse osmosis unit:

extremely compact and therefore

easy to transport

output performance at least

750 litres/hour

extremely low priced both in acquisition cost as also in running costs

Maintenance without in-depth special knowledge through simple construction